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Bruce Chavez began his career in the real estate industry in 1999 as an investor. In 2006 while on vacation, he was encouraged by a family member who said “you really need to get into this side of the business.” Two weeks later he found himself working as a sales representative for the number one title company in the state.

In 2012, Bruce was given the opportunity to move to El Paso as president of Lawyers Title. a sister company to Fidelity National Title. This change brought more excitement and a wider range of support and services he is now able to offer his clients, industry partners and the teammates he supports.

In 2014, Bruce relocated back home to Albuquerque, where he is continues to build on industry relationships and partnerships he’s forged over the years. He served as a Sales Executive developing new markets and business channels throughout Albuquerque, supporting the local team of Closing & Escrow professionals and their clients. In 2021, he transitioned to Sales Manager and continues to foster his team growth and add to the strong Management Group at Fidelity New Mexico.

I have had the opportunity to learn aspects of the business that most don’t get the chance to see. Teamwork is evident in everything we do. Title depends on escrow and escrow depends on sales. Sales depend on real estate and mortgage. It is a very symbiotic relationship for all of us in the industry. And, for many like me, highly satisfying to be a part of the Real Estate process.

Bruce is a dedicated husband and father, and embraces his time away from work and his team, with his wife Cecilia and son Owen. He attributes much of his personal success to his family for the love and support they provide him each and every day.

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